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V1123 Updated - 25 May 2018

Should any of the links not work to enable each set of minutes to be downloaded please let us know.

LinksUnavailable Approved Minutes A copy of the most recent approved minutes is available here, and will also be appended to the full year pages below during the month.

Agenda for

June 2018 Meeting

Approved Minutes

May 2018

Downloads - Pages incl all Appendices 2014 to date ...

2018 - P1895-1901.pdf

Year 2018

Pages 1885- 1901 incl [to April 2018]

2017 - P1836-1884.pdf

Year 2017

Pages 1842-1884 incl. to December 2017

2016 - P1768-1835.pdf

Year 2016

Pages 1768-1835 incl.

2016 Annual Parish Meeting March Draft .pdf

Year 2016

Annual Parish Meeting 21st March 2016

2015 - P1702-1767.pdf

Year 2015

Pages 1702-1767 incl.

Year 2015

Annual Parish Meeting 16th March 2015

Year 2014

Pages 1644-1701 incl.

Bozeat Parish Council MEETINGS 2018.pdf

The next few meetings in 2018 are as this calendar …